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Welcome to The Acid Reflux! :: News
Reported by Joeno on Wed 29 Feb 2012 19:46:58 UTC
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Writing about whatever clever things we feel like (sort of).

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For those of you who may not know us (as well), we're a group of friends who've been working on other projects together and were looking to expand our horizon slightly.

The quick brief - Mike, originator of the idea and writer. Peter, editor and director. Jeroen - tech guy and generally being organized. Look around and you'll find out more about us. We'll get some personal introductions up later.

In those we'll also be explaining the main thing for you - what we'll be writing about. You see, when we asked ourselves what the site would be about, the only thing that really gave a good summary was 'what we like'. That doesn't mean this will be an entirely random collection, but it's more based on our likes than anything in particular. We'll stay committed to what we write about, but what we write about might not always all fit together with each other.

You may, by the way, also start to see references to our other projects pop up - we're debating whether and to what extent to integrate them, but they might just end up supporting each other.

And if you want to contribute, you'll be welcome! Mainly, if you have the time to write something (semi-)regularly, feel free to suggest it and we can try to fit it in, and we can set things up where necessary. If you only have time or feel like doing an article or two, ask us and we can help as well. Nothing too formal, but just ask us!

Still, in the end, our main goal will be to enjoy ourselves and use our skills and writing for other places, hopefully you will do so too!

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