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So, you want to write for TAR? Great! However, before we get to the fun there are a few key guidelines for getting your articles posted onto the interweb!

1. Proofread! Remember to read through your work after you are done. Does it make sense? Are there odd spellings? Is the punctuation a bit lacklustre? This is a must!

2. When referring to a book, album, TV show or movie remember to use italics. If, however, you are referring to an individual chapter, episode or song then use ‘inverted commas’. If you are planning to quote from these then the standard “quotation marks”.
e.g. On Midnite Vultures, an underrated album by Beck, he uses invented words. An example of this is “bzooty” from the track ‘Hollywood Freaks’.

3. Whilst the internet is international TAR is very much founded in the UK. This means Queen’s English spelling please! Anyone who uses the Americanism aluminum will have a swarm of hornets sent after them.

4. For larger articles you may want to do some research. This is a fantastic thing but remember to include where you got some of your information.

5. In a similar vein, no writing anything that is potentially libellous (none of us want to be sued). Don’t like James Corden? Me neither. But whilst you are entitled to your opinion please do not make up facts that could get us (or yourself) into trouble.

6. We are not a fanzine (sorry Mike). Feel free to show leanings towards your favourite football club, tennis player or boyband. But if you want to write five articles in a week about how great they are there may be some raised eyebrows. Tl;dr be even-handed.

7. Don’t be funny for the sake of being funny. It does not work. Be light, try to be witty but sometimes it can backfire and make you look stupid. Same goes for swearing. Don’t do it for the sake of it.

Page written by Mulholland.

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