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Media TV: Something you should watch... but probably haven't | 15/03/12

Pramface, BBC3

Pramface - Thursdays, 9pm, BBC3

I've been breaking with tradition recently, and actually watching something on BBC3. I'm the first to admit I find it a dreary channel full of shows not good enough for the "Big 2" channels, and when you watch most of the shit that appears on it you can fully understand why. Even the BBC themselves felt this way - they commissioned Series 2 before Series 1 was even given a timeslot.

Now and then however, a few gems do slip through the net. Gavin and Stacey being the famous example, and while Pramface doesn't quite hit those heights, it too is a rather enjoyable little affair.

Jamie and Mike (those who know me well will see what attracted this to me in the first place) have just finished their GCSE's and sneak into a 6th Form party. Jamie meets Laura and they have a one night stand. Weeks later, Laura realises she is pregnant, and worse still that the father is only 16 years old. "I'm a pregnant rapist!" she screams at him when they meet again. Harsh.

I know what you're thinking now. Jeremy Kyle. But no, you're wrong. It's somehow difficult to explain, but a show telling a story about teenage pregnancy and under-age sex manages to feel a whole lot classier and gentle than you would expect. Yes there's the usual witty comments but also some subtle stuff in there. I don't want to ruin the story so far for those who might want to give this a watch, but the moment in Episode 1 where a certain teenage boy believes a good choice for a "sex song" is the Top Gear theme tune is gold.

Pramface won't win any awards but it's certainly worth half an hour of your time. It's possible that just like Gavin and Stacey, you may wish to iPlayer the episodes in the correct order to "get" the stories and the characters first, since I imagine knowing the characters from the very start will improve the show a lot.

Verdict: 9/10
In short: Funny, gentle and Sean Verey as Jamie is so cute.

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