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So apparently I love to spend money I don’t have, especially when it comes to impulse buys like this. Most of the time I regret spending this money within a day or two. The 3DS XL, I am pleased to say, has so far yet to disappoint me.

Admittedly, it bought this mostly because the 3D camera on my 3DS didn’t actually work, it froze the console, but then again, who can resist such a beast? I do not usually upgrade my consoles, but there’s always an exception to the rule! (if you saw my collection you would probably think I was firmly stuck in the 90s) Now whilst I have to admit it is a wonderful machine, worthy of the title of “The Beast,” which I already frequently refer to it as, (I’ve had it for 4 days, as I write this) it does have its flaws.

With a 90% larger screen than the standard 3DS, the XL makes it far more accessible to those who maybe cannot see quite so well, especially when it comes to the finer details in games. This also means you get 90% more 3D. On a larger screen, it is far more effective and I find I actually use the 3D function far more than I previously did. And because the screen is larger you can hold it further away, so less headaches when you use it! The Game Notes function is also much better, given that you can write far more on it. In fact, it only took 2 notes to write down what I needed to write this. Bearing in mind on the 3DS I used all of them to fully plan a 4000 word essay, imagine what you could plan on this monster!

Second of all, the XL is all nice and new and shiny. Okay, so I’m a bit of a magpie for these things, but the colours are amazing. Being me, I picked up a blue one, which is a nice royal blue, with a matt black trim/inside. It’s pretty darn swish! And with a crystal clear screen, which loses no quality by being so much bigger, you cannot really go wrong. It also comes in the standard black, and a rather snazzy red which also caught my eye.

Being the size it is, the XL is also pretty weighty. This is great because it feels like a pretty solid console, not something you’re going to damage fairly easily. And along with being twice the size, it comes with a 4GB memory card in place of the standard 2GB, so it even stores twice as much. Transferring your old system over is reasonably simple too, so upgrading is definitely not a problem.

It is also far easier to control the 3D on the console. When you turn it off, the slide clicks into place, so there’s no more accidentally turning the 3D up if you move your hand suddenly. Not sure if it will be to everyone’s taste, but as someone who doesn’t like to use 3D all the time, it is an excellent feature, even if there’s no longer a little 3D light... (Which also helps to save on battery life)

However, the D-pad is still the same size. Not a major fault, granted, but it looks a little out of place, and does make it marginally more difficult to control things. Takes a bit of getting used to as it is slightly higher up the console too, so you need to adjust how you hold it slightly.

The location of the stylus has also moved to the right hand side. Admittedly for the most part this will not annoy many people, but for the left-handers it is quite frustrating. I also preferred the metal expandable styluses of the 3DS, this is yet another plastic one. It is also the same size as the older styluses, so it looks a little out of place.

Now, the main problem with this new console: it does not come with a charger. I do not know why, the guys in store couldn’t fathom it either, but it doesn’t. Thankfully they are the same as the 3DS/DSi chargers, and so if you already have one lying around, not a problem. You can also pick them up reasonably cheaply too, so again, no big deal. If you trade in your old console (which does require you to hand over the charger too) there are usually bundle deals on to make sure you are pretty sorted.

Overall, I have to say I am extremely pleased with the XL, despite its lack of charger. It has all the capabilities of the 3DS with the advantage of being bigger and a little more powerful. Moreover, its immediate need for an upgrade is something more of an amusement than anything else. (I was informed that this wasn’t a one off either; a patch for Bioshock 2 was released before the game itself!) Zelda and Rayman fans will love the XL as the larger screen makes small details become that little clearer and more enjoyable (probably because now it is like they have been shoved under a magnifying glass, ready for the world to see them!) It is truly a wonderful monster of a machine, and the fact that it is a hand held console as big as my face makes it all so much better.

Page written by Lottles.

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