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An Introduction by Aquinas at Wed 22 Aug 2012 04:00:00 UTC

Teaching. Along with farming and prostitution this activity really shaped how humans came to develop the way they have. What great company teachers have… but it’s pretty much true. A lot of teaching occurs in everyday life. The main role of a parent is to teach their child about how to survive in the world and generally prepare them for what is to come. In an ideal world that is.

Teachers have recently been represented in recent years in a very poor light, as someone who is (hopefully) entering this profession as a paid member before the year is out, I would really like a way to write about issues in education as well as having a platform to rant about many different things that I come across.

So what? Another member of the blogosphere airing their grievances to the World Wide Web and calling Michael Gove certain names… who gives a damn? Alongside some rants, which I hope will entertain, I will also:

Does this blog fit into the ethos of TAR? Wll... I guess the answer is a resounding maybe.

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